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United Kingdom
To start off with, I don't talk much to new people cus I'm shy but come across as moody.
I love hoodies and jeans I wish I could wear them to school. ^_^
I actually think emo guys are pretty cute OwO
I love Death Note - More importantly L x3 -
I have blonde/brown hair but want pink in my hair :P
...I'm slowly losing my sanity...
My favourite thing to draw is anime :D
I wanna cosplay but I can't find anybody who would as well. I know cosplayers are out there, I just have to find them.....Now where are you hiding? :D

Current Residence: My own little world
Favourite genre of music: All kinds :P
Favourite style of art: anime/manga :P
Favourite cartoon character: L (If he counts lol?) X3
So, I havn't actually written one of these for a while, never had the time.  I guess I should start doing more of them though. That other one was OLD, like nearly 5 MONTHS old.

So I want to ask everyone something, it's about anime conventions. I'm pretty sure many people on DA have been to at least one, but I wanted to know are they any good? Me and my younger sister both wanted to go to one but our mum said she doesn't think we should - Her exact words were ---->  "Why on earth would you want to dress up like a freak and run around with other weirdo's?"  FML!  The ONE thing that I really love (anime) and she hates it!  I feel like an idiot for wanting to go and I might be getting my first place with one of my best friends. -Who by the way doesn't even know what anime is- if I told her she'd think I was some freak, or at least that's how I feel.

But I promised my little sis that when I can drive and have my own house/flat/tent or wherever the hell it is i'm gonna live, that I'll take her to our first animecon, despite what everyone in my family thinks :D     And I can go with a few friends right? The more I get to go with me the less stupid I'll feel  ^_^  I only know 1 friend who is as anime obsessed as I am, so I can convince her to go hopefully -If she's reading this, then you know who you are and that'll if all else fails, I shall drag you to a convention if I have to lol-

But what I want to know is what to cosplay as, me and my sis were thinking of Kingdom hearts a LONG while ago when we first found out about them, but it went to - Me on the left, her on the right- :

- Kairi/Namine
- Kairi (older)/ Kairi (younger)
- Flandre Scarlet/ Remilia Scarlet
-Remila Scarlet/ Flandre Scarlet
- L (Lawliet/ BB (Beyond Birthday)    ------> Our favoutie ones so far, just deciding who's who  :)
- BB (Beyond Birthday)/ L (Lawliet)   ------^
- Kairi/ a Heartless
- Hatsune Miku/ Hachune Miku
- Hatsune Miku/ Kagamine Rin
-Neko L/ BB

So yeah....there's been a lot of ideas for what we'd do....Probably death note characters as they're the cheapest lol

What would you guys cosplay as?  Or what HAVE you cosplayed as?   ^w^


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